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about purTFlex

The technology used consists in extruding a thin layer of polyurethane (PUR) covered with a UV coating onto a polyurethane-treated decorative paper.
The PurTflex is a special coating wrapper. This technology was entirely designed by Transform Mouldings. PurTflex has revolutionized the industry and has made of our company the new national leader. What makes PurTflex so cutting-edge is its unmatched resistance and flexibility among other coating products.

PurTflex guarantees exceptional finish and durability. Another advantage of the PurTflex is its unique capacity to fit the 90 degrees profiles. Being foldable, the product leaves no white crease as compared to polyester and laminated material which tends to crack during the coating process. The identical components of PurTflex create evenness and precision unmatched by other technologies on the market.

the advantages

The unique technology developed for the PurTFlex guarantees exceptional quality and durability which will surpass your expectations.
Its capacity to be folded and to fit 90 degrees profiles, the PurTflex will never crack and will never leave creases. Uniformity and precision are what you need.
The undeniable durability of PurTflex makes it most cost-effective product on the market. Since it’s going to deteriorate at a much slower rate than other standard products, PurTflex will keep looking as new year after year.
All sectors of construction can use PurTflex. Whether it is for suspended ceiling, interior doors, cabinet doors or woodwork, its great resistance to daily wear allow PurTflex for a wide variety of purposes.